Levels of Competitiveness

This is a Festival of Veterans/Oldies & Ladies Rugby, NOT a competitive Tournament. The results of games are not listed. All teams are winners as long as they participate in the spirit of Oldies Veterans Rugby with Fun, Friendship and Fraternity. That being said, there is room for different levels of competitiveness. Teams will be grouped according to their medium age in Social Leagues to ensure that everyone plays the sort of game they want and preserve your physical integrity.

Mens Competitive : matches are organised for teams consisting mainly of players 35-50 with a minimum squad of 20 players and willing to play Rugby matches with the complete World Rugby rules (except the non-contested scrums). A final will be played between the first 2 classified teams.

Confirmed Mens Social : matches are organised for teams with only a few under 35’s, those with small squads and those who want to have a fun game of Rugby, but playing seriously. We only allow maximum 3 under 35 years to play on the field at any time. Squads can have more under 35's but only 3 can ever be playing at the same time. EGOR Rules are observed.

Soft Mens Social : matches are organised for teams having minimum 2 thirds of beginning players (players who played in the young categories or players who started in veterans). Ideal also for mix gendered teams ! We only allow maximum 3 under 35 years to play on the field at any time. Squads can have more under 35's but only 3 can ever be playing at the same time. EGOR Rules are observed except the non-contested Rucks and the above the belt Tackles being forbidden.  

Ladies : open age, with competitive, social Rugby 7, 10, 12 or XV matches and/or touch matches. We believe that Ladies Rugby should be encouraged at all levels, abilitites and formats. If you are a touch team, a group of retired friends or a ladies full XV team we will be happy to welcome you !

The Rules FOR Social Leagues

The normal World Rugby (WR) rules shall apply with the following variations:

  • All 8 forwards must remain bound in the scrum until the ball has been cleared.
  • The halfback must not follow the ball around the scrum.
  • There must be no pressure, scrummaging or movement of the scrum (i.e. non-contested scrums). 
  • There shall be no striking against the head by hookers
  • Defending players may kick the ball only in their own 22.
  • In lineouts all 8 forwards must take part.
  • All lineouts shall be set (no quick lineouts) and with lifting if agreed by captains and ref.
  • Teams scoring a try will restart the game by kicking the ball to the non-scoring team.
  • Unlimited substitution of players.
  • Players must observe the offside rule, particularly that of remaining behind the hindmost foot at rucks, mauls and scrums; lineouts to a minimum of 10 metres.
  • The game shall be played over two 15-minute periods.
  • All players must observe the restrictions on tackling 'older' players. These are identified by coloured shorts.
  • Captains will be responsible for the behavior of their players.
  • Other variations may be agreed at the discretion of both captains and the referees.
  • You cannot wear boots with any metal/aluminium studs. It is prohibited by the groundsmen and organiser’s. All players must use either plastic, moulded, rubber or blades for playing.

Coloured Shorts

35 to 64 years RED SHORTS : If a player is wearing red shorts, that means he does not want to be tackled to the ground or pushed off his feet. Any player in red shorts may be 'held' in the spirit of EGOR but NOT tackled.
65 to 69 years YELLOW SHORTS :  The player can be held but not brought to the ground.
70 to 79 years PURPLE SHORTS : The player cannot be touched or obstructed in any way.
80 + years SPECIAL COMMITTEE SHORTS : The player cannot be touched or obstructed in any way.